Sunday, November 9

Justification for Joining the Gym and Geeky Gadgetry

It's been a year since I was focused on fitness and it's taken me a bit to get back on track. First, a realization that I was getting bored of partying and spending summer weekends in dark rooms recovering from hang-overs. Second, the motivation of friends. On my friend Lana's birthday I joined Totum Life Science with her. It's the gym I always wanted to join but felt I couldn't afford. Fortunately I got the corporate rate (with only 5 of us there) so it's under $100/month. I found easy justification in the fact that when I'm restless at work, or on lunch, I shop on Queen Street, and can easily blow $100 on a whim. Now, I go to the gym instead, have a workout, a steam and go back feeling refreshed and motivated.

Three weeks have passed since I joined. I've been going steadily, about 3 times a week, and varying my workouts each time. Funny, my friend told me I'd get addicted to the feeling and she's right. Since Totum is a fair distance from my west-end home I didn't feel like heading down yesterday but still had the need to get my blood pumping. I threw on my rollerblades and went down to the Martin Goodman trail despite the rain coming down.

At the gym I would be watching the screen on the elliptical machine, counting calories burned and distances achieved. Then I'd find new techniques to work muscle group I want to target. I've found this part challenging. I couldn't do one routine all the time, I need to switch it up. Totum has a few machines, but also balls, kettlebells and bands, none of which I am used to using, so to take advantage of the equipment and keep things fresh I've downloaded a great little iphone application called iFitness. It has a list of target muscle groups, routines and goals, so I can always find a new exercise to try, and it feeds my need to track stats and geek out on gadgetry. I've got to find new ways to keep moving and stimulated so I'm hoping this $3 appliation will feed that need.

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