Wednesday, October 10

Fall Fitness

blown open

So summer wasn't the best time to start a cleanse. I did have an occasional workout at 99 Sudbury since I received a 2 week free pass from the new GQ Spa next door. I was there a few times a week usually when I'd finished work late. At 9PM I was often the only person in there. Nice and quiet after a hard day of researching rescue footage. It's a good gym, very clean. Good range of equipment and it still has pre-construction membership pricing.

I was about to join but then I heard about the Good Life gym in Liberty Village set to open. Just signed up online for their 3 free workout trial - so I can check thier gym out too before making any final membership decisions (it is a one year deal after all). I hear the monthly rate is very reasonable. I just hope they don't have fluorescent lighting. It's not fun to workout under that glare.

I'd almost dragged my boyfriend there this last long-weekend for a free workout but he's so reluctant to try something new. I did coerce him however to make the long trek across the park to the LCBO and also got him to play some wall ball with old wood tennis rackets I'd busted out of storage. Boy, did he look like a couple corks. It was fun though, and that's the whole point (for him at least). For me, it's fall and time to get serious. It seems easier now to get the motivation. Despite the weather still being beautiful I've gone into geeky school girl mode now that the leaves have changed colour. I'm saving money, bringing my lunch to work and evening reading way more. Yesterday I even popped by the Community Centre for an aerobics class I'd joined with my mum. Feels like I'm getting on the right track.

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