Tuesday, July 10

Pushing Through: Day Two

Day Two started easy enough. A nice new breakfast cereal got me excited - oatmeal crisp and strawberry bits (Jordan's Morning Crisp). A couple cups of coffee, easy on the sugar, and then came lunch. I took the pooch for a stroll to a downtown park but because of the humidity in the city I didn't last long. Had a great lunch lined up too (better to eat after activity since your body burns more calories). I'd picked up Thai Kitchen's Lemongrass & chili rice noodle bowl for a couple bucks and found it filling enough. Just 3 grams of fat too I saved up the extra calories for my afternoon snack: Liberte's Mediterranean Strawberry Yoghurt. Tastes like ice cream. Delicious. I have one little rule about these high cal snacks. If you're gonna snack it better be full of good nutrients. Yoghurt is. As I'm quasi-vegetarian I realize the importance of protein for energy levels and blood sugar. Yoghurt's a perfect snack for me.

The weather dictated my workout again. I strolled to the pool and had a dip. Pushed through 20 lengths. I didn't really enjoy it I'll admit, but I felt great after. I was a little disappointed that my boyfriend didn't come with, but he made up for it by making a nice healthy dinner for us to share. Tilapia filets are one of the best fish in terms of the environment and are low in toxins and fat. We keep a big bag of them in the freezer. I put a Thai garlic chili sauce on for seasoning and we had a warm side salad of broccoli, feta, onions and cherry tomatoes. We drizzled some oil and balsamic vinegar (the latter actually burns more calories eating than what goes into your body) with grated Parmesan on top. Fresh corn-on-the-cob was made too; I tried to go easy on the butter.

It feels great to "earn" your meals like this by doing something active like swimming or walking first, plus you burn twice as many calories just sitting still after a workout as your blood keeps circulating and your metabolism has been kicked into high gear. However, it's a couple hours later now and I'm finding myself a bit hungry. Got to keep pushing through.

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